Aradhana Skills is an education and skills development training company that was founded with a vision to transform skills development centres in India such that they are seen with the same reverence as its sacred temples. By imparting skills development training of the highest quality and job readiness for paramedical or allied health staff in the healthcare sector in India, we endeavour to consciously empower and serve students, partners, and local communities.


Our mission is to positively change the narrative on skilling in India, and thus, participate in and contribute to nation building. Join us as we SKILL INDIA.

Meet Our Team


Abhijit Nimbalkar

Aradhana Skills is founded and led by Mr. Abhijit Nimbalkar who worked as a project manager and education researcher for more than ten years at the Research Triangle Institute (RTI) in Raleigh-Durham... Read More


Ajit Nimbalkar

Mr. Ajit Nimbalkar (retired I.A.S) is a Board of Director on Aradhana Skills. Since 1967 he served for a distinguished government career spanning 37 years that culminated as the Chief Secretary of Maharashtra from 2002-2004... Read More

Arun Prasad Berry

A.P. Berry

Mr. A.P. Berry is an educational consultant to Aradhana Skills. He began his career, over 40 years ago, as a junior radiographer at CSI Mission Hospital Neyyoor... Read More

A.G. Teldhune

A.G. Teldhune

Mr. A.G. Teldhune is a Senior Professor of Radiology with Aradhana Skills. With more than 55 years of work experience as a radiographer and teacher in Maharashtra... Read More

Rajesh Sukkala

Rajesh Sukkala

Mr. Rajesh Sukkala is a Professor of Radiology with Aradhana Skills. With a degree in Medical Imaging Technology, he has worked with one of the most reputed diagnostic centres... Read More

Unnati Joshi

Unnati Joshi

Ms. Unnati Joshi is an Academic Counsellor at Aradhana Skills responsible for student recruitment. Her zest to contribute to the education sector led her to join this social venture... Read More

Hemant Singh Kushwah

Santhosh Medam

Mr. Santhosh Medam is a Finance and Administrative Analyst with Aradhana Skills. He holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Finance... Read More

Devina Mittal

Jolene Baptist

Ms. Jolene Baptist is a Professor of Radiology with Aradhana Skills. She has worked with the Prashanti Cancer Care Mission, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital...Read More

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