A Radiologic Technologist or Radiographer is a medical photographer who takes advanced images of the human body such as X-Rays, CT and MRI scans, for diagnostic purposes. She/he works under the guidance of a radiologist and is responsible for preparing patients and operating equipment for the test, besides keeping patient records and adjusting and maintaining equipment.

A Radiologic Technologist typically carries out work in the Radiology Department of a hospital, diagnostic center, private nursing home or clinic. She/he can also work as a lecturer or researcher in medical colleges, hospitals, healthcare companies and research institutions.


We offer a 1½ year highly specialized “Certificate in Radiologic Technologist” paramedical/allied health course in Pune that is certified by the government recognized Healthcare Sector Skills Council (HSSC).

Starting in July every year, students are exposed to an academically rigorous theoretical curriculum supported by an exhaustive, hands-on- training program at our partner hospitals and diagnostic centres. Students undergo a minimum of 440 hours of theory and 1060 hours of practical training before sitting for an external examination administered by the HSSC. In addition, they are also given soft skills training that focuses on personality development, building confidence, English language speaking, reading and writing skills.


Globally there is a huge demand for qualified and skilled Radiologic Technologists with highly attractive salaries and career growth opportunities. In India salaries average between Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 20,000 per month and for those with more experience average between Rs. 40,000 - Rs. 50,000 per month. Our placement team will start working with students from the first day itself in helping them to secure an attractive job.


  • Understand human pathology and radiation physics
  • Follow radiological diagnostic needs of patients
  • Prepare the patient and the room for the procedure
  • Operate and oversee operation of radiologic equipment
  • Recognize contrast induced adverse reactions
  • Process radiographic images
  • Collate and communicate health information
  • Ensure availability of medical and diagnostic supplies
  • Act within the limits of your competence and authority
  • Maintain a safe, healthy and secure environment
  • Follow radiation safety guidelines
  • Follow biomedical waste disposal protocols
  • Follow infection control policies and procedures
  • Monitor and assure quality

Eligibility: 12th Science
(Eligibility reduced for those with
prior related work experience)

Duration: 1½ years / 1500 Hours

Fees: Rs. 1,25,000 + applicable taxes
(Qualified education loan available)

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